Why I Created This Site

For the last several years, my living has been made from a mismatch of non-clinical roles put together to create a full-time income. I’m involved in research, education, digital marketing, and various roles that utilize my medical license, but are more non-clinical than the traditional clinical. I thought I was an oddball of not doing a traditional career in one medical field with patients, but I started to meet more physicians looking to make their transition out of medicine or into non-clinical roles. These physicians were burned out, had just graduated from medical school or did not finish residency

I knew I wanted to entirely be out of medicine one day…

I started joining Facebook groups and looking up resources online about alternative career options for physicians. Most of the sites I found were of those selling their services to physicians; they had general information about alternative careers for physicians, but you had to buy into their coaching program to find out more. I decided to put together this site to put all the resources in one place, for free. I am not selling any coaching services. I am looking for my own path and I want to share what I learn along the way with everyone else who is also looking.