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Resources for physicians who are licensed in the United States.

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Resources for medical graduates and foreign physicians.


Create a side income that could replace your full-time job.

Look beyond clinical medicine.

With physician burnout at its highest rate and medicine becoming more of a business, focused on defensive medicine and daunting hours of paperwork, instead of patient care, it’s no wonder physicians are looking for alternative careers.

But whether you’re a burned out physician or even a medical student finishing up fourth year of medical school and wondering if residency is right for you. Maybe you didn’t finish residency or moved to the United States where you are not actively licensed anymore, there are resources here for you to learn about a career in non-clinical medicine or entirely out of medicine in general.

Sometimes it feels like if you deter from the traditional path of medicine, you’re doomed and ostracized. Let this website be your community and support, to help you find the right path for you.

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